Teaching and Collaboration

Academic Success for All Students: A Multi-tiered Approach


This video discussed the P. K. Yonge Developmental Research School and its multi-tiered system of supports (MTSS). This system stresses teacher collaboration in order to create an environment where teachers are teaching the same material across the classrooms. The three “tiers” in the system help students learn material at the same pace despite differences in learning styles and previous academic ability and achievement.

How will this affect my teaching strategy?

I found this style of teaching to be an interesting take on answering public school’s need to both equalize what students are learning as well as address students learning as an individualized pursuit. How they treated teacher collaboration particularly struck me as being very key to helping students succeed across the board.

Common Core Refusal Expands Nationwide


This article addresses the protest against the upcoming implementation of the PARCC tests.

How will this affect my teaching strategy?

The results of these and similar protests may affect standardized testing in the future. More likely than standardized testing being completely abandoned, these protests will likely mean that future standardized tests will not be implemented so suddenly. Either way, paying attention to changing public opinion on standardized tests and the protests against them will be key as I prepare students I teach for standardized tests.


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