Teaching and Special Needs

Our BIG List of Resources on Assistive Technology


Though not a “true” article, this post discusses the different internet resources and tips available for educators and parents for teaching children with various disabilities.

How will this affect how I teach?

Being aware of the struggles children with disabilities have to work through in school and the resources available to help me to help them will change how I structure my teaching and help me to know how to alter my teaching methodology to better assist all of my students.

On Wondering What Your Kid Would Be Like Without Special Needs


This blog post is written by a woman with a child who has special needs who talks about what it is like to love a child but still wonder what they would be like without special needs and grieve over the incongruity of knowing that the special needs child learns and grows at their own pace but still fighting the comparison of children without special needs who are the same age.

How will this affect how I teach?

Growing up with a sibling who has learning disabilities and watching my mom struggle with similar issues as the ones expressed in the post, it continued to drive home the point for me that there is a balance between pushing a special needs child to succeed and knowing that no matter how much extra help you give them, they won’t always be on the same level as other children their age.


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