Teaching and Feminism

How Teachers Can Help Girls Lead


This article discuss the statistics of women in leadership roles in politics, business, as well as education. It goes on to propose ways teachers can encourage girls to engage in leadership behavior. It also proposes ways to create a classroom that promotes equal leadership responsibility for both genders.

How will this change how I look at teaching?

This type of gender bias in leadership is a deeply engrained social norm and way of thinking that will require teachers, myself included, to approach teaching with this in mind in order to alter how children view this gender bias.

Women Earn 29% Less Than Men, 42% Less as Manager


This article gave statistic on the wage gap between men and women in different countries, both in supervisory positions and otherwise. It discussed how this wage gap damages women’s ability to be treated equally in the workplace, as well as suggesting how individual women might go about asking for equal pay.

How will this change how I look at teaching?

One of the things that will change this wage gap is women demanding to be treated equally. However, if girls believe in school that they are inferior to boys, they will be more likely to accept pay even if it is less than their male counterparts are receiving.

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