Teaching and Literature

Keep Your Mouth Half-Shut


This article is an interview with the poet laureate, Charles Wright, on his plans for his year as poet laureate, what poetry means to him, and how social media can affect poetry.

How does this apply to teaching?

Poetry is one of those topics that most people seem to avoid as too “artsy” or complicated for them to understand, and, while some students will get more out of poetry than others, teaching poetry in such a way that each student gets something out of it is an important thing to work on. Also, how can social media and poetry help each other?

Banned Books and the Power of the Written Word64776bdbdd3cac1ab6e7ce7a47577870


This article is a discussion of banned books, exploring not just the controversy surrounding these books, but also the power that these books have.

How does this apply to teaching?

Though “banning” books may seem harmless enough, freedom of expression and ideas is something that should be encouraged in children. As a future teacher, intolerance of other’s ideas and opinions is something that I want to discourage in my classroom, and banned books week is an excellent time to bring up this discussion.

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