Teaching and the Great Game of Life

What Do Teachers Make?

What do teachers make? It’s a commonly known fact that in the US, teaching is not the most highly paid profession. In fact, in the (many) games of Life I played with the girls I babysat over the summer, I couldn’t help but notice that the career card for a teacher was the lowest paid out of all of the college careers. But yet, here I am, on scholarship at Mississippi State University to become a teacher.

Okay, so what? When I graduate and start teaching I’ll get paid a little less than everyone else, big deal, right? The problem for me isn’t the money exactly, but the low expectations and level of respect teachers and students studying to be teachers are being given. There’s this school of thought that if you’re smart, you’ll go into a “real” field, and this is reflected in the Honors College at State–almost no students in the Honors College besides those in the MET program are Secondary or Elementary Ed students. And this is a discrepancy that the MET program is seeking to help, not quite solve, but at least make better.

But, what this video points out, and what I want to encourage with this post, is the pursuit of a changed view of teaching, putting the emphasis not on what teachers make–and assigning value according to job worth–but on what teachers DO.


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